Prestige, The art of enjoying the sea

Prestige’s yachts are the flagship of French nautical engineering: high-end family yachts, excellent finish, timeless design and a low price-performance ratio. We are talking about models with seafaring qualities that provide a full life on board, which makes them great second residences on the sea for enjoying the best comfort. Buying a Prestige is buying a great luxury boat. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Prestige Yachts S-Line

Its sporty look is accompanied by high performance, excellent quality and a magnificent level of finish down to the last detail. This range is also known as Coupé.

Prestige Yachts Flybridge Line

A large upper terrace is a notable attribute of the Flybridge range, sharing the rest of the outdoor and indoor presets with Prestige’s S range. Its excellent design solutions and units are conceived to prioritise the owner.

Prestige Yachts Sport Fly

For the larger lengths of the S range, fly characteristics with a command post and fewer spaces for leisure have been added, maintaining a pointed opening, thus introducing this mixed concept between the sports unit and the large upper terrace.

Prestige Yachts X-Line

This is a new concept that is making its way into the brand’s largest yacht range, which redefines and rearranges the cockpit, flybridge and bow deck spaces. The interior maintains the standards of the brand while also boasting an oversized top deck with a greater inner beam.