Sell your boat

Do you want to sell your boat? Are you thinking of changing it? Motyvel advises and supports you in this process to guarantee your success.

1. Get to know the boat

Configuration and specs, equipment, maintenance, etc… these are questions we have to be ready to answer.

2. Market Research

Our team and expertise will provide all the tools needed to understand the market situation.

3. Quote the boat

Deep analysis on each particular case in order to reach an agreed and competitive price convenient for everyone.

4. Sales agreement

Private sales agreement specifying conditions such as price, specs, commissions, etc…

5. Sales process

Setting up all selling tools in our hands to achieve the objective as soon as possible: Online platforms, virtual and face to face visits, offer management, etc…

6. Mooring and Maintenance

We can provide you mooring place and maintenance while boat is for sale

7. Sale

Our team will attend to the signature and delivery of the boat to the new owner.

Do you want to sell your boat?

Contact us and we will guide you throughout the whole process, guaranteeing the success of your sale.