Jeanneau sailboats, one for every lifestyle

Jeanneau sailboats are efficient, comfortable and reliable. Its portfolio includes options for both the most neophyte crews as well as mile-eaters: from optimized competition and regatta sailboats, through family cruises, to large yachts. If you are interested in buying a Jeanneau, we will help you find the sailboat that best suits your sailing style.

Jeanneau Yacht

Entering the world of luxury and high-end is the objective of Jeanneau’s Yacht range. Following the concepts and general guidelines of the brand, a further step is taken in the quality of the finish and autonomy of the boat. In a Jeanneau Yacht, we can consider all the destinations and voyages with the best balance between navigation and comfort.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

Thousands of Sun Odyssey units have been sailing the seas for decades, becoming a symbol of what ship owners are looking for in a complete sailboat. At the forefront of design and innovation, the range par excellence of the French brand currently presents an unbeatable collection, with evolved design solutions for different sailing experiences.

Jeanneau Sun Fast

Competition lovers with complete crews, solo or two-sided challenges and even circumnavigations find a strong candidate in the Sun Fast models. Specialized in high performance, the use of the boat for navigation has been maximized over the needs for family comfort on board. We are face-to-face with a competition machine.

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