Initiation and practices START SAILING and SEAMANSHIP SKILLS


Learn and improve with Motyvel

If you want to improve your knowledge and practice your sailing do not hesitate to talk to us. We are not a sailing school but instead can offer you boating tips specific to your boat and show you important tricks to gain confidence.

Initiation and practices HANDLING


Seamanship in Harbour

Every great sailing experience or day onboard starts with good boat handling in harbour.

If at the time of departure or on arrival to port something goes wrong our previous good feelings and experience of boating can be tainted. What should be a perfect day can quickly turn sour and end up as a bad experience. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you with some proper boat handling practice with us.

Initiation and practices IMPROVEMENT


The Next Step

You never stop learning in boating. Our team at Motyvel can help you reach any level of boating proficiency. We can even teach you more advanced navigation skills as and when you require them.

There are always things to learn and our experts are here to help.

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