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Boat on Board, our virtual Boat Show

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The digitalization of the Recreational Boating Sector has been a must this last year, we would never have imagined that we we would carry out 100% online purchase and sale operations.

Internet and video calls have been the main channels of communication with our customers and professional colleagues.

We have developed in 1 year actions that we had glimpsed that we would do in 10, the reduction of face-to-face activities to which we were accustomed, such as boat shows, visits, deliveries, etc..

The Covid 19 Pandemic has provoked the need to look for creative, safe and adequate alternatives to be able to continue offering our clients and partners the best service..

As Pardo Yachts Dealers for Spain and Portugal, and due to the lack of on-site boat shows, we want to offer our friends, clients and professional colleagues a safe and innovative alternative, organizing our own boat show in our home port of Port Balís (Barcelona) where we have created the formula «BOAT ON BOARD» so you can visit the 3 available models of the Walkaround range: Pardo 38, Pardo 43 and Pardo 50.

A new formulation of  virtual «Boat Show»

We offer different options for you to enjoy our services in the safest and most personalized way.

With BOAT ON BOARD you can choose from 3 options:

    1. APPOINTMENT: Book a private visit to our facilities, where our professional team will assist you with the safest hygiene and protection measures for you to visit the boats.
    2. ON BOARD VIDEO CALL: We can also meet you via video call and we will take you on a live video tour showing you all the details as if you were visiting the boat in person
    3. 360º EXPERIENCE: Navigate on your own or accompanied by our team through a 360º experience in which you can discover all the details from all angles comfortably from the screen of your device.

We know that the COVID 19 situation will be with us for a while longer, but that will not stop us from offering the best professional service.

This year we will navigate more than ever, both the seas and oceans and the infinite digital network.

Click here to learn more: go to boat show page


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